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Prava analiza ob pravem času - Anne Årneby

Poslovne informacije morajo omogočati strankam, da sprejemajo pametne odločitve in sklepajo dobre posle, pravi v spodnjem intervjuju Anne Årneby, CMO v skupini Bisnode.

First of all: What do you mean when you talk about “big data” at Bisnode?

“Most people have heard of big data. Opinions are divided on the exact definition, but briefly, big data refers to the vast quantities of data that humans are currently generating at a furious pace, and that are difficult both to store and to process. For our customers, big data often creates anxiety, because many feel the need to act but don’t know what to do.” 

How does Bisnode work to produce smart data? 

“Big data has to be refined. Data only becomes smart when it enables customers to make good decisions and business deals. When we at Bisnode talk about going from big data to smart data, we mean that based on the vast quantity of data created, we deliver the right data points and the right analyses at the right time. This process makes it possible to make smart decisions and to generate good business.” 

How can you help your customers using smart data? 

“Any business can do more and better business by applying data-driven analytics and making informed decisions. For this you need smart data to show who you should talk to, about what, and on what occasion.”


Can you give an example of how partnering with you at Bisnode has enhanced a customer’s business and generated higher revenue? 

“One awesome example, I think, is a big workshop chain that we help to find new customers on an ongoing basis. Based on our large supply of data, we have built an analytics engine that can identify which potential customers will be most likely to buy on a certain occasion. With this approach, marketing becomes more relevant. We see that it clearly results in higher sales and improves the customer experience because customers actually receive the deals they want, and – above all – when they want them. By partnering with Bisnode, the workshop chain has increased its conversion rate from 1-2 percent for mass mailings to 10-20 percent for targeted mailings to new customers and 20-40 percent for existing customers. 

Here is how Bisnode can help: 

*We often begin with the basics – ensuring that the customer works with the right data in its database and systems. It may sound easy, but I think many customers would nod in recognition at the amount of ‘junk’ we find cluttering customer databases, including duplicates and old addresses, which creates unnecessary, hidden costs.” 

*Once we have ensured the quality of the data, we can offer smart data services in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the customer. We can provide data-driven recommendations, such as notifying a customer when the customer’s target group is ready to make purchases. Or when an existing customer – for example as a family expands – is more inclined to want to buy more.” 

*A typical deal for us also involves supporting our customers so that they choose the right level of risk in their business. For example, it is common for companies to refuse to do business with counterparties when higher risk is involved. Instead, we try to help our customers find the right level of risk so they don’t turn down the wrong customers, thereby reducing their total business potential. Here our services can range from checking out a deal to being an integral part of the customer’s system. Regardless, the goal is to become more precise and efficient in their decisions in order to drive revenue and minimise risk.