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Bisnode Brains: Magnus Silvferberg, CEO

Magnus Silfverberg je nekdanji CEO švedskega podjetja Betsson, pred kratkim pa je postal novi CEO skupine Bisnode AB. S poudarkom na podatkih in poslovnih informacijah namerava Bisnode popeljati na nov nivo. Preberite si intervju z njim.

What challenges does Bisnode face?

“To create growth in the company, we need to build Bisnode’s position on the ultra-interesting market for data, both big data and smart data. At the same time, we must monitor costs to improve profitability. Success in this area is always a challenge.” 

How important will smart data be for businesses in the future?

“It will be extremely important for most companies and it will mean everything for the few companies that view their ability to use data as their main competitive advantage.” 

How have you worked with analytics in the past?

“Betsson analyses its customer data down to the last detail. This is done to obtain answers to critical questions such as why the business is losing customers. Each imprint Betsson’s customers make when they use the products is stored, analysed and re-used to improve the customer experience.” 

What do you bring with you from Betsson to Bisnode?

“I have seen what can be done with data. I’ve seen a glimpse of the future along with the value that data can create for businesses like Betsson. With that experience I can clearly see the role that Bisnode can play to deliver added value to its customers in the future. I also obviously bring to the table considerable experience of digital operations and being the head of a fairly large company.” 

How do you feel that work with analytics has evolved in recent years?

“Analytics have transitioned from Business Intelligence, driven by the technology organisation and chief information officer, to Big Data/Smart Data, driven by the company’s data organisation and chief digital officer.” 

Which companies do you think have an interesting approach to using smart data?

“I met with companies like Ebay och Facebook when I was in San Francisco. Both companies have an extremely sophisticated approach to using data. For example, Ebay calculates customers’ ‘likelihood to buy’ for each individual product. These calculations are based on all of their own and external data. It’s actually really cool.” 



How will you develop the Group moving forward?

“It’s too early to say. First, I’ll spend time learning about the company and its customers. Then I’ll work with the management team to formulate a strategic plan with a clear direction based on which we can all work for the next few years.” 

IME: Magnus Silfverberg.


PREBIVALIŠČE: Danderyd, Stockholm.

IZKUŠNJE: MBA Stockholm School of Economics, MBA INSEAD, Accenture Consulting, Frontville, HP, Betsson.

TRENUTNO BERE: Conn Iggulden “Rosornas Krig”.

PROSTI ČAS: Rad se druži s svojimi otroki pri njihovih aktivnostih, na primer na nogometnem igrišču.